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“Hello Brides to be!” Now that you are engaged, “where do you go from here?” My answer for you would be, “HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER.” No need to look any further, weddings are my specialty.
My job as Wedding/Event Planner is to help relieve some of the stress that is involved in planning a wedding/reception or anniversary. I'm here to assist with planning all aspects of your event from start to end. I want you to be able to “remember” and “enjoy” your wedding day. I have the experience and the necessary tools to make your day special.
I will offer suggestions when needed, but not make any final decisions. This is your special day, and it should be carried out the way you request.
My goal is to help plan all details in a timely manner, so that everything flows into place on your special day. Also, give all my “Brides” that extra special treatment.
No matter the size or cost of your wedding, it deserves that special attention.
Anytime you need my services; I'm just a phone call away.
Please feel free to click on my other Links to learn more about my business.
“Thanks so much” for taking the time to visit my website.

When you think about Weddings by L & K always remember, “When My Brides Are Happy, I Am Happy!”

Weddings by L&K featured on KAKE News June 9, 2021.
Weddings by L&K featured in The Wichita Eagle "Wichitalk" August 16, 2007. Weddings by L&K featured on KSNW August 2, 2004.
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What I Do

Weddings by L & K is a event planning service with main focus on weddings/receptions. I strive in specializing “stress free” weddings. Depending on your individual needs, I offer several Wedding packages along with other services. I offer a free one hour consultation.
My goal for everyone involved is, to sit back and allow you to relax and enjoy the fun times, and let me handle the details.
My mission is to “listen” to my client needs, and provide the “best” customer service possible.
Our business history
We LaNetra Halcromb Stovall and Kathy Carlis (sisters) started our business in August of 2002. Our experience goes back to 1996. We assisted close friends and family members with the planning and coordinating of their weddings. We felt that would be a good place to start since they are usually your best critics.
We started attending as many weddings as we could to see how much organization was involved. There were several things that stood out when we were observing weddings. The majority of them didn’t start on time, receptions were not organized and guests and the wedding party looked lost, not sure what to do next. We know the cost to plan a wedding and reception and “Brides deserve the best; for their “special day.”
After observing some of the things that could have been avoided with the help of a Wedding Planner/Coordinator, we decided it was our time to get started in the wedding industry.
To enhance our experience in coordinating & planning, we studied several books on Wedding Etiquette, read up on Wedding Consultants, investigated the Wichita market on the local wedding industry, attended Bridal Shows to see what "brides" were looking for in our area, and came up with a business plan and proceeded from there.
We now have a solid vendor portfolio with an excellent referral list and have participated in Bridal Shows.
What makes us unique
Combine we have over 50 years of customer service. Our goal is to keep our prices affordable so anyone seeking a wedding planner can have the luxury of hiring our services.
Currently, I (LaNetra) am the sole event planner. My sister Kathy has retired but I know where to find her if needed! I have two awesome team members that assist me on the day of.


Yolanda and Trinity




"Exclusive L&K"


This package is specially designed for the "extremely" busy or out-of-town bride, and brides that need help with planning from beginning to end. 

You have the option of letting me select and book all your vendors from my “preferred” vendors list or assist you with locating and interviewing other wedding vendors.

  The "Exclusive" package includes unlimited planning time

If you attend the January 2024 Wichita Bridal Expo and visited my booth, discount information in the packet.

"Partial L&K"


This package is designed for those who have selected "majority" of their vendors but still need assistance selecting/booking the remaining and planning details.


"Day Of L&K"


This package is designed for that "Brave Bride" who booked all their vendors, planned all the details, but needs someone to make sure it all flows into place on your wedding day.  I will become the point of contact for the vendors, so you don’t have to worry about all the phone calls and final details.

We will meet 3 months prior to your wedding day to go over all the final details.

Additional Services

Wedding Rehearsal/Ceremony Only
This package is designed to assist you with coordinating the rehearsal and ceremony. 

Reception Only 
Wedding Anniversary $900.00
For those who only need help with planning their Anniversary or Reception. We'll assist you with selecting whatever vendors are needed. The day of your event, we'll be there to make sure all vendors arrive and setup is complete. We'll handle all the details. 

Birthday Parties $300.00 - $400.00 

Additional Information
*Prices and Terms subject to change without notice.

*The above prices are based on Weddings/Receptions held in Wichita, KS.

*$50.00 non-refundable booking fee that holds your date until the first half of the wedding package selected is paid.

*Weddings/Receptions with more than a 30-minute drive time each way (Goggle Maps) will be subject to additional charges.

*Weddings held on holidays or holiday weekends will be subject to additional charges.

*Weddings/Receptions with three (3) months or less to plan, will be charged an additional $100.00.
Free initial consultation via Zoom or FaceTime.
When you book my services, brides receive discounts with on save the dates and wedding invitations.

Bridal Information

Hiring A Wedding Planner If you can fit this service in your budget; highly recommend. Hiring a wedding planner may be the best decision you’ll make as you near your big day. Wedding planners can connect you with vendors, help you stay organized and on budget, make tough decisions, and handle any wedding-day drama with ease. Wedding planners will handle all the details, so you can enjoy your special day.
The Wedding Party
Choosing your wedding party--those loved ones who will stand beside you and your beloved during the ceremony--can be a bit tricky. First, don't make any decisions until you and your fiance have determined the size and style of your wedding.
Guest List Dilemma                                                                                                                   
I've been hearing this lately from my couples and other couples, people "asking" to be invited your special day when they hear about a save-the-dates or when invitations are mailed out. Couples, please do not feel obligated to add individuals for this reason. As I stated in the past regarding guest lists, people you invite should have some significant meaning in your life; rather it be family or friends. Your wedding/reception should be an intimate gathering of those you interact with on a regular. Otherwise, there would be no need to send out invitations; just invite anyone who wants to come. I would be a little leery of people who "ask" you to come to your event without an invite.This is one area you shouldn't give much thought or stress about. You create guest list for a reason so didn't feel bad and stick to it!
Expert Advise Gail Johnson ...Be Real - Black Magazine Start with a realistic budget and guest count before you book the first vendor or your venue. As they say, if you don't know where you're going, no road will take you there.
Gift Table Tip "Serial wedding gift thief!" Yes you read it correctly.Be selective on where you place your gift table. I would stay away of placing close to door where a person can easily slip out and be gone without notice. If you have a card box, have someone keep watch on it.What I normally do, after the reception formalities are completed and right before the dance if you're having one, I give the box to the bride's parents or whomever can be responsible for safe keeping.I always ask before I leave who is going to be responsible for packing up the gifts?I know a lot of gifts are being mailed directly and more couples have setup honeymoon funds which can help alleviate the issue. This is just one of many little details an experienced planner can help with.



Hillary & Kalub 9/19/23

Thank you for everything! I had no idea where to begin when planning my wedding until I met you! Your constant reminders and tasks for us to complete made the planning process so much easier! Thank you for spoiling us though the whole process and taking my late night shift texts! Your passion and hardwired through it all did not go unnoticed.  Thank you again and we greatly appreciated you! 

Sarah & Ryan 11/4/23

LaNetra was an absolute blessing when it came to planning our wedding. Her attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and organizational skills truly made our special day a dream come true. From the very beginning, LaNetra took the time to understand our vision and went above and beyond to make it a reality. Her meticulous planning ensured that every aspect of our wedding was perfectly executed, leaving no stone unturned. Her ability to anticipate our needs and address every concern with care and expertise was truly remarkable. LaNetra's positive attitude and unwavering dedication made the entire planning process enjoyable and stress-free. On our wedding day, LaNetra's presence was like a guiding light, ensuring that everything ran seamlessly. Her calm and reassuring demeanor kept everyone at ease, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the joy of the day. It's safe to say that our wedding would not have been the same without LaNetra. We cannot thank LaNetra enough for her invaluable contributions to our special day. Her passion for her work shines through in everything she does, and we would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a dedicated, detail-oriented, and thoughtful wedding planner. Thank you, LaNetra, for making our wedding a truly unforgettable experience

Future couple
Future couple
Future couple
Future couple
Future couple


Terrea & Zachary (8/19/23)

You helped to make sure my whole day went by smoothly, I didn't have to really worry about a thing and I appreciated that.

Sarah & Nick (6/10/23)

What can we say but thank, thank you, thank you!This wedding would literally have been impossible without you! We were under so much stress with the moves, new jobs and home remodel; but the one thing we weren’t stressed about was the wedding, as we knew you had our backs.We are so grateful to have Found you!


Nick & Sarah Dunham

I can only add to what  Nick said-we would have been lost without you! What a blessing to have found you.Thank you for all of your help from the beginning to the end (maybe even especially at the end-you & your team covered all of the things we didn’t think of or oversee).

I hope this isn’t the last we get to see of you. Of course, you are an amazing wedding planner, but also a beautiful person:)

Sarah & Nick

Meghann & Brent (3/31/23)

Thank you so much LaNetra!  

We were so lucky to have you, you were with us every step of the way. If we ever ran into a snag, you were right there to help fix the problem or provide a solution. Your communication and constant reminders helped us stay on top of everything that needed to be done. The recommendations of vendors that you made really helped us have a truly beautiful experience on our big day! Your strongest suit was definitely the positivity you provided from the very start that made everything so much easier. Words cannot describe how thankful we are to have had you through it all!  

Again, thank you so much,

Meghann Allan

Zana & Kerry (8/14/21)
From the moment we obtained LaNetra’s services she was on the ball! Sometimes I’d forget I was getting married because she had everything taken care of. I was virtually stress free during the whole planning period! Even with something as unpredictable as a global pandemic LaNetra & her team didn’t miss a beat and always had a couple back up plans to make sure everyone was safe. If you’re planning on getting married you don’t have to look any further LaNetra is truly the best!!
Carla & Jeorld (8/8/20)
Thank you for keeping your promise by making our wedding vision come true. you made our journey through a very stressful and unexpected time enjoyable and worry free. Please extend our gratitude to your family for sharing you with us!
You have been a true Blessing and a pleasure to work with!
Your knowledge, experience, positive attitude and utmost professionalism is truly appreciated!
Thank you again,
Brittany & Justen (6/26/20)
Wonderful Wonderful!
Very professional and very timely. Thank you so much for helping me plan this wedding during this pandemic. We went through a lot to get there but you were able to help guide us through this time and have the wedding and reception we wanted. Much love!
Raejenna & Keith (6/28/15)
LaNetra and Kathy - Thank you again for helping make our special day a spectacular day! Everything flowed smoothly and was so beautiful. We would have struggled to even come close to the perfect day we had, without your help. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know that is planning a wedding or even just a reception. Any of our guests that had the opportunity to speak with you at our reception complimented you on being lovely ladies and so professional.
Keith and I had an awesome time in Branson on our honeymoon. It was hard to come back. I felt like a princess all week! We got to do a lot of things there, rested a lot and just enjoyed being with each other without the daily hustle and bustle.
God bless, love you both, thanks again....

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